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When you block your shot you need to plan what gaits you intend to use for the shot

The equation for this ratio is:
(offset of hips to chest/cycle length) x (new cycle length) = Spine Gait

Use this information as a base when you start your shot and note how simple the curves are to repeat.

This is quite a fast cycle, how does this help me if I’m animating a horse gallop with a 16 frame cycle…?

Cycle Length  /  Offset
8                       /   2.4
9                       /   2.4
10                     /   3.0
8                       /   2.4
8                       /   2.4
8                       /   2.4
8                       /   2.4
Easy, use this chart or follow this formula. (3/10) x (cycle length) = Offset of hips and chest in a transverse gallop.

So for your 16 frame traverse gallop cycle. (3/10) x (16frames) = 4.8 offset. of the chest and hips


Other differences are in the shape of the curves.

How does this differ from other cycles?

In the Canter & Trot the chest and hips are more or less in sync.