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The Transverse Gallop – Offset Timings of the Chest and Hips

Looking at different gaits like the gallop, trot or walk you will notice different offsets in the timings of the chest and hips.

By tracking reference of these gaits you can identify patterns which you can apply and reuse in your animation. Let’s look at the Transverse Gallop to explore this.

The Transverse Gallop is one of the most common gallops in quadrupeds and there is an obvious offset in the rise and fall of the chest and hips. They are not in sync. This offset timing of the chest and hips is the heart of the gallop cycle and all other gaits. If you get this wrong you foot falls wont work and your cycle/animation will feel broken.

– Tracked rise and fall (y curve) of the chest and hips in a transverse gallop.

– the y curve of the rise & fall of the chest & hips, including foot fall timings during a gallop
– the curves are offset by 3 frames

Timing of Foot Contacts in a Gallop